Your Next Steps to Success

Start your journey to success with Belvoir as we guide you through these five steps.

1. Discovery Day

Begin your Belvoir experience with a Discovery Day at our Central Office and you’ll find out exactly what to expect from owning a Belvoir Franchise. The Discovery Day is a one to one meeting and a vital stage in the process, by the end of it, you will have a good understanding of our business opportunity and what that could mean for you. It also helps us both see if a Belvoir Franchise is the best fit for what you want to achieve.

As part of the meeting we’ll discuss your plans and needs and we’ll decide together the best location for your Belvoir office. You’ll be introduced to the Central Office Support Team, which will form your support for the months and years ahead. 

At this stage we will give you details of the entire Belvoir Network for you to contact and ask current Franchisees any questions you might have.

The feedback from all attendees of Discovery Days suggests that the meeting was beneficial and helped them to come to a decision of whether a Belvoir Franchise is the right opportunity for them.

A Belvoir Discovery Day is for you to meet the team, see our business proposition and see that this is the business that is right for you

Martin Bunney, Director of Franchise Recruitment, Property and Acquisitions

2. Initial Support Visit

Once you have digested the information from the Discovery Day and read through the detail provided in the pack, many more questions will arise. One of our Business Development Mentors (BDM's) will come and visit you and answer any questions you have at this stage. The BDM's constantly interact with our entire network of franchisees and so can give you guidance on the fast moving, business end of our market place. 

As part of this visit, the BDM will give you an insight into what level of support you can expect from them going forward, giving you a flavour of what you can expect for the first six months based on their experience of helping other franchisees. 

At this stage we will require a deposit to secure your interest in the opportunity. This triggers the following stages of the process.

By the time you have the Initial Support Visit please make sure that you have taken the opportunity to speak to as many existing franchisees as you can from the list you have been provided with.  This will again generate more questions and give you another point of reference to ensure that you get the most out of your time with the Business Development Mentor.

This is your introduction into the development and support aspect of the Belvoir model

Deborah Tordoff, Business Development Mentor

3. Research Visit

Once you have started to progress past the initial stages we provide you with the basic template to begin your due diligence and market research.  It is vitally important that you conduct your own research into all aspects of the business you are about to undertake.

Once you have completed the research, one of the Business Development Mentors will again come to visit you.  This time they will go through your research pack with you and make sure that you have thoroughly explored all aspects of the market.  They will challenge your findings and ensure that your knowledge is robust and your projections are realistic.

This understanding will form one of the cornerstones of your marketing plan when you begin promoting your business and trading.  Local knowledge coupled with a national brand, supported by the experience of a network of over 300 franchisees, is a very powerful way to start your business.


Carrying out extensive research on your chosen territory will give you the knowledge and confidence needed to make the most of the opportunity in that area.

Ian Maclean, Business Development Director

4. Acceptance Stage

Once your research pack has been signed off by the Business Development Mentor, we look at all aspects of your planning so far.  By this time the finance team will have helped you to build a detailed business plan and financial forecast and any funding required will need to have been approved.  Our Premises Coordinator will have researched, located and negotiated a commercial property with you and begun the process of helping you plan the refit.

You now have a good understanding of the marketplace that you will be entering, the competition, their strengths and weaknesses and the actual size of the opportunity before you.

With everything now in place and if you're happy we can officially accept you for the training course and look forward to seeing you for a three week period that will change the rest of your life.

This is the exciting part where all your hard work up until now starts to come together

Lara Thornhill, Premises Coordinator

5. Join Belvoir!

Our training course is held at Grantham in our Central Office.  Over the three week period you will learn how we operate your business and understand what it is that will make you stand out from your competition.  The course is a great opportunity to get to know the other new franchisees who will form part of your support network as you start your business.

At the end of the three weeks, we announce the results of your training and you will be ready to start your journey into the world of residential sales and lettings. At this point take a moment to congratulate yourself. The road to this point will have been challenging but will serve as a great foundation for your future success.

You are now ready to make a difference in the industry and to start driving toward your personal goals with a support team dedicated to your success.

Welcome to Belvoir!

The training and support we have received easily scores nine out of ten.

Simon Bell, Owner of Belvoir Telford