Belvoir Stories - Becoming a successful business owner through acquisition

Belvoir Stories - Excellent Customer Service & Job Satisfaction

Belvoir Stories - Meet the successful father & daughter team from Hampshire

Luke Marchbanks, the journey of a Belvoir Franchisee (series)

Kuljeet Aujla of Belvoir Hull Testimonial

Mohammed Shakeel of Belvoir Leeds South Testimonial

Ben Davies of Belvoir Swansea Testimonial

Take a tour of our central office

In this video, Andy Smith takes you on a tour of our Grantham central office and introduces you to some key members of the team.

Sales vs Lettings

Andy Smith explains how Sales and Lettings go hand in hand to create a dynamic property business in this video.

Adapting the Belvoir franchise proposition to suit individual goals

Ross Thompson, owner of our West Bridgford office, explains to Andy Smith how he and his business partners adapted the Belvoir franchise model to suit their business plan and goals.

Meet the team: Lauren Orgill

Lauren Orgill explains her dual roles at Belvoir and how she supports franchisees in two distinct areas.

Meet the Franchise Owners: Young Entrepreneurs

Andy Smith talks to Luke Marchbanks and Josh Sacofsky, two new franchise owners who have joined Belvoir as some of our youngest entrepreneurs to date.

Sourcing your premises

Andy Smith and Lauren Orgil discuss the process of sourcing commercial property with one of Belvoir’s new young entrepreneurs, Luke Marchbanks.

A Day in the Life of Belvoir Leamington Spa!

Join Sue and John Warburton for an insight into the every-day life of a Belvoir franchisee.

Working as a husband and wife team

John and Sue Warburton of Belvoir Leamington Spa share some insights into working together as a husband and wife team in a franchise business.

Taking holidays whilst running a business

John and Sue Warburton of Belvoir Leamington Spa explain how they have been able to take holidays without any problems.

From Landlord to Letting Agent

Martin Bunney explains how many landlords develop an additional income stream by becoming a lettings agent.

Becoming a Belvoir franchise owner

Martin Bunney details the steps to becoming a Belvoir franchise owner.

Profile of the ideal Belvoir franchise owner

Martin Bunney of Belvoir Franchise explains the qualities needed to be a successful franchise owner.

Understanding the Belvoir franchise proposition

Martin Bunney of Belvoir Franchise explains the back up and support behind our franchise proposition.

Start a franchise or go it alone?

Andy Smith of Belvoir Franchise shares some insights into the benefits of opting for the franchise route when starting a business.

Why Franchise through Belvoir?

Andy Smith explains why Belvoir can help you achieve business success.

Identifying territories with high tenant demand

Andy Smith of Belvoir explains how the company identifies territories that can support a successful lettings agency.

Steps to becoming a franchisee with Belvoir!

Andy Smith explains the steps to becoming a franchisee, starting with a personal one to one "Discovery Day".

Qualities needed by successful franchisees

Andy Smith explains that attitude is everything in becoming a successful business owner.