The Belvoir Business Opportunity Model

When buying a Belvoir franchise not only are you geting an award winning business opportunity you are buying a territory to trade within, a well established brand name, a tried and tested business framework to follow, training and support throughout your time with us and a toolkit of systems and collateral to work with, all while having the freedom to run your own business.

A prospective franchisee needs to be aspirational in nature with clear goals in mind. They need the right attitude to be able to reach their goals and ultimately want to achieve success. Although a clear framework is there to follow, the perseverance of the franchisee is what will really make the difference to the outcome of that business.

There are many reasons why our franchisees choose to invest in Belvoir:

  • Tried and tested business model that gives confidence when entering into an unfamiliar sector
  • Comprehensive and ongoing training ensuring you get the development you need
  • The opportunity to build a capital asset that can give you financial security for your future
  • Genuinely working for yourself, in your own business
  • A dedicated support team so you know you won't be alone if you need help
  • A proven, successful business model that has gained the confidence and backing of four of the major banks giving preferential rates and the maximum loan ratio
  • The tools to succeed at starting a new business in a competitive industry

Launching your Belvoir franchise

Belvoir's initial role when setting up a new franchisee involves matching the right people to work in the right area in the right premises, with a solid business plan. This process involves talking to you about the area in which you want to open your business, informing you of the market profile of that area, reviewing your business plan and agreeing a path to successfully launch your business.

These important steps prevent you from going into an area with too many obstacles for entry and provides a level of assurance to both you and Belvoir that your business plan will lead to a long and successful business relationship. The market statistics available relate to sales and lettings for every area of the UK and armed with this information we will be able to provide all the relevant data to support your choice of area. Our experienced team will ensure that there are no compelling reasons preventing you from succeeding in your new venture.

Business development

Our support continues throughout our business relationship.  Where there is a compelling business case, we have provided funding to our franchisees to assist the acquisition of additional sales and lettings portfolios in order for them to grow their business.

Many people enter business with a view to exiting after a given period of time to capitalise on their efforts. We are able to guide you through this process and help you to sell your business at the time of your choosing.

We are able to support our franchisees through their entire journey with Belvoir;
  • Before you join us – to support you with a territory and business plan that will deliver your desired outcome
  • During the ownership of your Belvoir business - to help you to grow and develop the business
  • At the point of exiting the business – to help you realise your financial ambitions

Training and Support

We need our franchisees to have the knowledge and confidence to be able to deliver excellent customer service from day one of their Belvoir franchise so before any franchisee is able to trade, they must complete a three week intensive training course at our Central Office. This course is very in depth and sets you on your way to a BTEC Level 2 accreditation. The course is delivered by a combination of expert trainers as well as members of our support team. It will teach you all you need to know to run a successful lettings business. Once you become a Belvoir franchisee there is also additional training available throughout the year to help you ensure you are at the top of your game.

One of the main benefits of buying a franchise over starting your own independent business is the additional support structure that a franchise brings.

At our Central Office we have teams of people to provide you with the following support;

• Legislation updates
• General lettings and sales advice
• Providing a microsite
• Marketing support including a marketing toolkit
• Help with sourcing, leasing and fitting out premises
• Compliance through advice and annual audits
• Business Development Mentoring

All of the above saves you time and money and offers a level of security as there is always someone at the other end of the phone who can help. You will also have the support of your fellow franchisees within the Belvoir network and you can access this through quarterly regional meetings as a chance to gather information, ask questions and share successes. They have all been in your shoes before you so their advice is invaluable and as Belvoir are territory based they are not in competition with you.

Award Winning Support

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