How established is the Belvoir brand?

Over 20 years Belvoir has grown to over 170 offices across the UK. It has been presented with Best Lettings Franchise Award for 6 years out of seven, and is recognised as one of the leading brands in lettings industry. Having now moved into the sales sector Belvoir has taken its reputation with it into these markets.

The distinctive branding in Belvoir offices across the UK has helped to promote brand recognition to envious levels. Belvoir has worked very hard over the last few years to rebrand its offices to compete with the very best on the High Street. 

Our market penetration has improved rapidly with our recent expansion plans but Belvoir continues to target areas to establish new franchise businesses, based on high level market intelligence to grow our network even further.

There are still some very strong areas which as yet, do not have a Belvoir presence. We have identified these areas and are keen to find entrepeneurs who may wish to work with us and establish our brand there. Suffice to say we intend to spread our message to every business viable location in the UK.

What does the Belvoir brand stand for?

The Belvoir brand is based around our values of delivering exceptional customer service, offering good, solid, professional advice and doing it all with honesty, transparency and integrity. It is very important to us that each of our franchisees do business according to these values as this is what sets us apart from our competiton in an industry that is largley unregulated.

Belvoir are unlikley to be the cheapest option in the market but taking our strong values into consideration, our clients are confident that we are the best value.

We see Belvoir as the immovable “rock” in the centre of the market, which clients will come to rely upon, rather than risk their assets or security with less scrupulous service providers.

How much does it cost?

There is an initial investment requirement to start a sustainable Belvoir franchise. The amount will vary to some degree depending on the area you choose to operate and the Franchise model you choose.


What is the process?

Once you have made an enquiry to Belvoir Recruitment, we will guide you through a process, which is designed to give assurance to you and to us. 


This means that we will discuss your aspirations and ensure that we are able to provide a solution that meets them


By meeting with you at a Discovery Day we will show you the Belvoir business models. You can personally meet the team that will support you and ask them questions. By doing this you will have the reassurance of knowing that you will have the every opportunity to succeed in your Belvoir business.


We will impart to you all of the relevant factual information necessary for you to make a balanced business decision about proceeding with us


Having taken the decision to become a Belvoir franchisee, we will train you to start your business with the disciplines you need


Once you start our Business Development Team will continue to meet with you and support you at your Belvoir franchise.

The steps to Success are:
  1. Meet our Franchise Recruitment Manager
  2. Visit our Central Office on a Discovery Day
  3. Establish the Business Plan and Financial Structures
  4. On site Research Visit
  5. Agree banking arrangements
  6. Remit deposit payment
  7. Agree place of business property purchase or leasing arrangements
  8. Remit Franchise fees
  9. Plan Property Fit Out Project
  10. Attend Training Course
  11. Commence Belvoir Franchise Operations

Our Recruitment Team will allocate a dedicated adviser who will guide you through every stage of the process. At any time if you have questions or suggestions they are there to work with you.

In addition once you have paid your deposit our Franchise Support Team will be on hand to respond to any specialist questions you may have. For example: “how do I lease my premises?”, “Are there any pitfalls in agreeing a commercial lease?”, “Can I carry out marketing activity now”, “Do I need Planning Permission?” There is a member of the support team for every eventuality and question.

What support do I get?

The Belvoir Franchise Support Services are second to none in the industry. We can support this claim with our recent Gold Award for Lettings Franchise of the Year for which the judges stated that the major factor supporting their decision was the Belvoir support services. 

Our support services include:

  • Legal
  • Compliance
  • Financial
  • IT
  • Training
  • Business Development
  • Commercial Property
  • Marketing
  • Auditing

All of the above are available via our Business Hours Helpline. If there are complex legal issues we also subscribe to an online legal support service.

These services represent the best value on the market when compared to our Franchise Fee. We at Belvoir know that if you succeed our business prospers. Belvoir! put every possible effort into providing an answer to every possible eventuality. If the answer is not immediately available we will find a solution.

Why franchise?

When starting out in a new business, there are many challenges that a business owner must face. Mostly, you have to become competent in a wide number of diverse disciplines. 
Finding the right location and premises, sales, marketing, staff recruitment and training, IT, setting up systems and protocols, compliance, and the day to day running of business activities are just a few of the many "hats" a business owner has to wear.
Being a business owner means becoming an entrepreneur, the definition of that being that an entrepreneur takes on the financial risk of running a business in the hope of achieving profit from it.
As "risk" is a very significant issue when starting out, many people choose to go the franchise route, as it is proven to reduce an individual's risk.  
Franchisees leverage the knowledge, experience, training, marketing, systems, and other aspects of the franchise they buy into. Furthermore, working with a franchise means joining a ready-made support network which you can rely on to assist you in moving forwards, whilst avoiding the pitfalls.  The value of this should not be under-estimated.

Another benefit of going the franchise route is that it is relatively easy to secure bank finance, as banks regard franchises as somewhat low risk, as it's a proven business model.  This means you can  borrow up to 70% of the funds you need to start the business, including business premises.  This means that you only have to find 30% of the costs of getting started.
A Belvoir franchisee has 97.6% chance of success vs. 50% of independent new businesses failing, according to research conducted by the Telegraph, and, with our network growing rapidly, there is strength in numbers!

Why choose Belvoir lettings?

Although there are other property franchise opportunities available, we believe that our business model, paired with our support structure, offers franchise owners the very best chance of success.

The Belvoir brand means something to people. The brand is distinctive and contemporary and our core principles define brand Belvoir. 

We were the first specialist residential lettings agency to be listed on the AIM market of the London Stock Exchange. The flotation, in February 2012, has helped to secure our future and our further development as the UK’s leading property management expert. The investment of funds from shareholders has also facilitated ambitious expansion plans for the Belvoir network.

Is my Investment Safe?

Unfortunatley no one can ever go into business knowing for sure that their investment is safe. Business success relies on many factors such, only some of which are in your control. 

What we can say is that if you follow the business model, do business according to our brand values, go into the business each day with a positive attitude and make the most of the advice and support available, you have every chance of achieving your goals. 

97.6% of Belvoir franchises succeed which is a very reassuring number. The banks that we partner with also see us as a very low risk option and as such, our franchisees achieve the highest rate of contribution.

Do you have any existing offices for sale?

As we are quite a mature network we do have existing offices come up for sale. If you are interested in buying a resale then please contact us on 01476 570000 and we can discuss the opportunities that we have available. Even if we don't have a resale available in the area of your choosing, we can put you on a database and notify you if anything sutable comes up in the future.