Audits and Compliance

In order to remain a reputable business that your clients can trust, we have strict compliance measures in place and your business will be audited every year. This also acts as a health check for you and makes things easier for when you want to sell the business on. 

Initial Support

After the installation of your rental software system, and completion of your 3 free onsite training sessions with the software provider, we will contact you to see how you are getting on.

We will 'hold your hand' for the first three months to make sure that you are dealing with and reconciling client monies as recommended, and that you fully understand your responsibilities surrounding client money handling, in terms of what needs to be reviewed and checked on a regular basis. This will be in the form of emails, phone calls and dial in WebEx sessions if required, these are generally on a weekly basis to start, decreasing as the time continues and your confidence and knowledge grows.

Whilst your software provider will always be your first point of contact for all training needs and any queries, we can also assist with any small issues as they may arise.

Audit Visits

A first visit will generally be arranged at your 12 month trading stage, and we will check various processes and procedures within your office to ensure that you are compliant in these areas.

This includes (but is not limited to) things such as, client account procedures, deposit balancing, EPC’s, gas safety checks, tenancy agreements, terms of business, Redress Scheme membership and so forth.

We will discuss and confirm any findings with you, and provide assistance and guidance in any areas needing to be addressed/improved to ensure that you remain complaint going forward. Similar routine audits are generally undertaken each subsequent calendar year thereafter.  

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