Making the Most of your Existing Sales and Lettings Experience

Many of our existing franchisees have come from a sales or lettings background, either having worked in one previously or owning one themselves. We all want to make the best use of the experience and skills that we have, to bring the most benefit to our lives so it makes perfect sense for an estate agent to want to do what they love while working for themselves and building a valuable asset for the future.

Converting an existing Letting or Estate Agency to Belvoir

If you already own a lettings or sales business but feel you would benefit from a nationally regarded brand and a dedicted business support structure then converting your business to a Belvoir franchise could be an option for you.

When running your own independent business in the property market there are so many things that you have to look at simultaneously. If we just consider compliance on its own it is a huge subject that needs constant supervision to ensure you are operating legally.

Whilst you are busy concentrating on the compliance and administrative issues at hand who is driving and directing your business? One of the single biggest challenges to any business is growing at the same rate as your ambition. What do you do and how do you do it effectively? It may take you years to work it out but we already know.

Belvoir signage

The initial cost implications of joining a franchise operation will undoubtedly be a consideration for you. There will be a management service fee (MSF) to be paid as is the case with any other franchisee, however there are many financial benefits to being part of a franchise that are often overlooked. Not only will you get the benefit of a large company’s considerable buying power to lower your costs, but, you will also get massivley increased brand awareness and the mentoring and support necessary to actively drive your business forward and potentially greatly increase your revenue.

In essence, if you have a business that is not currently achieving your expectations or you are a lettings or estate agent looking to own your own agency, call us and we will show you what a difference we can make.

Your Next Steps to Success