An interview with Belvoir Swansea

Q. How did you discover Belvoir?

A. I discovered Belvoir when searching online for franchise opportunities

Q. Did you research alternative franchise options?

A. Yes, including alternative property franchises

Q. What did you find attractive about Belvoir's franchise opportunity?

A. The company itself, the brand and the fact that I would be the first Belvoir Office in South Wales. In addition, it was going to be a 4 week intensive training course as opposed to some property franchises who only offer 4 days! For me, it spoke volumes about the company and their approach to business.

Q. What gave you the confidence to proceed with your startup?

A. The initial consoltation with the Recruitment Manager and the fact that I felt that they didn’t offer a franchise to just anybody. You had to be good to be a part of it and if you applied your own strengths combined with the blueprint that Belvoir gives you, you have a very strong chance of being successful.

Q. What made you decide to open a second Belvoir office?

A. We positioned ourselves very early on to target the professional tenant market in Swansea and Gower and this has proved extremely successful but we felt that opening a satellite office in Mumbles, which is the most affluent area in Swansea, would propel us to a new level when catering for the professional market. It was obviously a calculated risk but one where the pros far outweighed the cons. We had a great deal on the second office and the opportunity was too good to miss.  

Q. In what way has your Belvoir business canged your life personally?

A. I’m my own boss and I look forward to the week ahead 

Q. What would you recommend an interested person do when considering a Belvoir franchise? 

A. Visit Central Office in Grantham and then talk to a number of Belvoir franchisees in different areas about the highs and lows. Lettings is a great business to be in and that’s enhanced by being part of a group like Belvoir, but similarly it’s a tough industry and not for everyone!

Q. Would you recommend Belvoir to others as a better option compared to an independant start up business?

A. Yes, it has proven track record and great reputation from the offices on the high street, through to the team at Central Office and on to Mike Goddard. I could have started my own Letting Agency 5 years ago, but I doubt that I would be here today, let alone opening a second office without being part of Belvoir!

Ben Davies, owner of Belvoir Swansea and Belvoir Mumbles


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