Starting a Family Business

The Belvoir network has been growing for over 20 years and naturally, the people who have joined us have come from wide and varied backgrounds. Over the years we have had a number of franchisees who have founded their business jointly with other family members and we have seen it to be a very successful combination.

Having the support of people you can confide in and trust, who have the same interests as you, is a great additional asset to your business. Recruiting and training new people to do this takes years and in many cases you may never be able to give them total trust, as you might to a family member.

Many people who buy a Belvoir franchise are doing so to build an asset of value for their children so getting them involved in the business from the start is a sensible way for you both to ensure that you maximise it's long term potential.

Whilst there has been the odd difficult day as you would expect there to be with father and son, in the main we work excellently together, complimenting each other’s shortfalls. As father and son we both know what we want going forward and Gavin has the incentive that one day it will all be his!

Hughie Horton, co-owner of Belvoir Thanet

Husband and Wife Teams

We also have a huge amount of our franchises owned and run by husband and wife teams. We actually find that these often work very well as you are a team at home and a team at work. Working together towards the same goal also means your passion and drive to make the business a success comes easier.

People often buy into a franchise because they want a work life balance that works better for them and often this means that a business can be made to fit around family commitments if you have a good support team in place.

If you would would like to contact any of our existing franchisees in a similar position to you to ask them about their experiences, we could put you in touch with them for an informal discussion, as part of our Discovery Day process.

Kevin and Karyn Kelley, owners of Belvoir Haywards Heath

Setting up your own business is a daunting prospect for most people, so sharing the journey with someone you love and trust can provide a much needed source of support along the way, as well as helping you achieve a new level of understanding and appreciation for each other’s skills and abilities. Because of our personal relationship, we have complete trust in each other, which allows us to share equal responsibility for the business and relieve each other of the pressure of shouldering the sole burden. The fact we are a husband and wife team in an independent family business gives us an edge over the competition. We have the ability and flexibility to negotiate on pricing and contract terms, and the agility to make quick decisions, which other employee-managed companies cannot offer.

Karyn Kelley, co-owner Belvoir Haywards Heath
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