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Lettings for stability

Our business as a whole was built primarily on lettings with the core principle of offering exceptional customer service in order to keep all clients satisfied long term. This focus on customer service has enabled us to stand out from the crowd and is key to the success of our sales offering. Having a business built on lettings also ensures that our franchised offices have a solid and reliable base from which to launch their property sales service. A combination of both services provides our franchisees with greater financial stability than many typical estate agencies whilst enabling us to take advantage of the opportunities in the residential property market.

Currently our network is made up of a mixture of lettings only offices and ones offering both lettings and sales depending on the preference of the franchisee.

Market conditions

  • Recent years have seen significant growth in the residential lettings market, a trend which is set to continue
  • It’s estimated that up to one million more renters will be looking for homes in the next five years
  • Over 4 million people rent privately in England. The Intermediary Mortgage Lenders Association (IMLA) predicts that more than half of Britain’s homes could be rented by the year 2032
  • Over the last 12 months, rents in England have shown steady growth and have now reached the heights of 2008
  • We expect that a recovering property market and changes to pension rules may result in a re-emergence of more investment-minded landlords
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