Moving from Landlord to Lettings Agent

In recruiting new franchisees Belvoir considers entrepreneurs from many walks of life and it is often a surprise that people from certain sectors make great franchisees. Landlords however, are entrepeneurs by nature with an obvious passion for property making them a particular section of people who have a natural affinity with Belvoir.

In their daily lives, landlords deal with the issues that arise with their own properties. Transferring these skills to a Belvoir franchise is an obvious way of enhancing their income, whilst also staying in the property market.

This is why Belvoir make a conscious effort to discuss opportunities with existing Landlords. Engaging with them to explain how the synergy between us can be exploited often provides some very good results. This is best explained by the mindset required for Property Sales and Lettings being underpinned by that of someone who deals with property on a daily basis.

If you are a Landlord and enjoy the experience, Belvoir strongly suggest that a conversation might well show you a way of growing your income, by doing what you do now but on a much larger scale.

The benefits of transitioning from landlord to lettings agent