Why franchise?

Why franchise?

When starting out in a new business, there are many challenges that a business owner must face!

Mostly, you have to become a competent in a wide number of diverse disciplines. 

Finding the right location and premises, sales, marketing, staff recruitment and training, IT, setting up systems and protocols, compliance, and the day to day running of business activities are just a few of the many "hats" a business owner has to wear.

Being a business owner means becoming an entrepreneur, the definition of that being that an entrepreneur takes on the financial risk of running a business in the hope of achieving profit from it.

As "risk" is a very significant issue when starting out, many people choose to go the franchise route, as it is proven to reduce an individual's risk.  

Franchisees leverage the knowledge, experience, training, marketing, systems, and other aspects of the franchise they buy into.  We like to say it is "using our hindsight as your foresight"!

Furthermore, working with a franchise means joining a ready-made support network which you can rely on to assist you in moving forwards, whilst avoiding the pitfalls.  The value of this should not be under-estimated!

Martin Bunney of Belvoir! Franchise loves being asked the question "Why franchise?":

Another benefit of going the franchise route is that it is relatively easy to secure bank finance, as banks regard franchises as somewhat low risk, as it's a proven business model.  This means you can lend up to 70% of the funds you need to start the business, including business premises.  This means that you only have to find 30% of the costs of getting started!

A Belvoir franchisee has 97.6% chance of success vs. 50% of independent new businesses failing, according to research conducted by the Telegraph, and, with our network growing rapidly, there is strength in numbers!

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