Volkswagen scandal could spread to the whole automotive industry!

Volkswagen scandal could spread to the whole automotive industry!

I have been going on and on about integrity and the importance of not only doing things the right way but being seen by your customers to be doing things the right way, for what seems like forever.

It is actually important that the whole industry you work in performs to a high standard and that you are seen as someone who embodies and reinforces those standards.

Just as I’m looking for another way to put this Volkswagen race to my aid!

If ever you would like to discuss what the effects of letting your customers down look like, might I suggest starting the conversation here?

The whole of the car market has been under suspicion for a little while now, with mutterings about testing standards, but, the scale of the fall-out seems to have taken some people by surprise, why?

The situation seems to be that, living in a world where information can be transferred instantaneously, a class action has already been initiated as well as the expected investigation by the regulators.

The total exposure in fines and company value (share price) could actually topple Volkswagen, something that was seen as being inconceivable just a few days ago.

The fallout to this is not, however, limited to the one company, BMW may have issues with one of their 4x4’s and there are whispers of others being caught in the aftermath also.

Unfortunately the industry could come in for some very turbulent times as people are firstly annoyed at being deceived and then embrace the opportunity to strike back, seeking financial recompense.

This should serve as a very stark warning to all industry. 

Customer service is the absolute in today’s business world.  Consumers are more aware than ever and are able to share opinions and experiences like never before.

Belvoir has been founded on several principles one of which, and it may come as no surprise, my personal favourite, is absolute transparency.

Here at Belvoir we embrace transparency whole-heartedly and welcome it because we know that it differentiates us from our competition.  We encourage prospective franchisees to do intense due diligence on us via the social web and we also provide due diligence tools, such as the huge amount of content on our Youtube channel. 

The web allows for a hive mind to contribute, not for a singularity to dominate, as it has been allowed to do in the past.  This creates a “Triple win” situation - the ethical company benefits, the consumer benefits, and the wider community benefit.  Conversely, rogue operators have nowhere to hide!

Being transparent is a key value throughout all our operations.  We as a company with almost 200 branches nationwide naturally receive discounts from providers.  Every single penny of that discount is passed on to our Franchise Owners, we do not take any cut for ourselves.

When providers approach us in the first instance and explain their discount structure, they are usually surprised when we reject it and ask that they simply improve their offering to our network.

When you attend one of our meetings to explore the opportunity that we represent to move your own life forward, I will mention the importance of good, honest and transparent customer service and communication to you.  Please be reassured that not only do I really believe in and mean what I say, so does our whole organisation.

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