The Training Department

The Training Department

We make no secret about being immensely proud of the training we provide to franchise owners from the very start of their business journey. We have honed the training process to ensure every single franchise owner goes in to business with the best experience and knowledge that we could possibly offer.

Our Head of Franchise Recruitment, Andy Smith discusses our new state-of-the-art training facility and the role of the Training Department with Belvoir’s Head of Training, Ian Maclean in the following videos.

The newly-finished training facility will now be used for all manner of training exercises, including the initial three week training course provided to new franchise owners by Belvoir. This adds a fantastic venue to a strong training process that we’ve worked hard on refining, to provide the best possible start to your new business.

The training department will be key throughout your time as a Belvoir franchise owner. They are constantly developing courses that will help you better your knowledge within the lettings and sales marketplaces, as well as helping you to improve and expand the services you provide and the training you offer your own staff.

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