The answer to a constantly changing market is continued adaptability

The answer to a constantly changing market is continued adaptability

You are no doubt aware that markets are constantly changing and evolving and today’s preferred method of communicating a message is tomorrow’s old news.

I remember when the fax machine superseded the telex!  The Telex being a system of typing a message, on essentially a desktop computer, that someone else could pick up immediately on another desktop equivalent.  Revolutionary right?

The fax machine enabled documents to be transferred from one place to another, again almost instantly and on paper that would enable you to read the message so long as you didn’t leave it in direct sunlight.

I also remember driving around the country, no air con of course, with a phone card in my wallet that allowed us to communicate with Head Office immediately, if we were near a phone box.

Fast forward a little and we bombarded with real time information in many different forms constantly.  We actually have the opposite basic problem which is slowing the flow of information; being selective.

So now the key is catching someone’s eye with information and intriguing them sufficiently for them to check your message out.

The primary way of doing this at present is video.  I think the reason is that we do not want to invest more time than necessary before we make a decision and video gives us information in a compact timeframe.  It is also more exciting than a written piece or a still picture advert.

The business world is facing the same issue with all forms of advertising.  The way our Franchise Owners advertise now is evolving almost daily.  The way I reach out to people is also changing and covering all sorts of new ground, for instance trying to explain to my 1990’s self about blogs would be a confusing conversation.

Something interesting has started to emerge from the marketing that we do and the interactions with you the customer.

Given all the information available in all the formats and in all the locations you still like a face to face interaction or a live conversation.  This meeting or conversation starts the process, after that you go away and research.

This is where the video and supporting information comes into play.  You can gather your information without the potential pressure of someone trying to sell you something.  To ease your concerns; we don’t do that!

This is why we have recently added a chat function to the website (click here).  This allows you to ask specific questions anonymously, without the perceived risk of pressure.

I am getting new Franchise Owners calling me directly and saying “ok I’m ready”.  The first time this happened my quick witted response was “ready for what”?

It took me by surprise that after the initial meeting the next time we interact we are booking you onto a training course.  The process has adapted!

As quickly as technology moves forward it seems to be outpaced by the change that we experience and any company who wants to provide a service has to adapt just as quickly.

When you start your Belvoir journey the route you take will be ever so slightly different from those that have been before you and with the interaction through the entire network you will continue to experience change as you grow and succeed.

Don’t worry, you will be able to say those immortal words in just a few short years when you look back at your journey; “I remember when”.

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