Smoke and Carbon Monoxide testing more than pressing a button!

Smoke and Carbon Monoxide testing more than pressing a button!

I have been looking into compliance recently and highlighting how important it is to make sure that you are completely happy, that everything that is supposed to be done in the lettings management world is being done.

It’s actually not about being caught nor about the fact that the chances of an incident occurring are very low in most cases.  It is about risk management.

The chances of carbon monoxide killing someone or of a tenant catching legionnaire’s disease are very low.  However if the chance is only 1% that means that 1 in 100 will be affected at some time. 

It will happen to someone at somewhere and yes it will be very unlucky, but, it doesn’t have to be because of negligence.

Protecting your tenants, landlords and your business is a fundamental basic that should always be undertaken.

The consequences may be rare, but they are potentially devastating to all concerned.

What prompted this is a conversation that I had yesterday with a Letting Agent who seems to believe that pressing the test button on a smoke or carbon monoxide alarm is sufficient.

It is not!

Pressing the button that says test, will simply test the battery it does not test the detection part of the unit.  That will require the substance that the unit is designed to detect.

Fortunately for me at home, my children cannot use the toaster without burning the bread so my smoke detector is constantly being tested, I do press the button, but that is to test the battery given the level of usage the unit has.

You can buy cans from certain DIY outlets and other stores that contain a chemical that will set off the detectors in both smoke and carbon monoxide units, please carry out the correct procedure.

Unfortunately I am not the person to confirm the actual procedure necessary, being part of a Franchisor I have Mark for that. 

He will advise our Franchise Owners about the need for detectors. Where they should be placed and the correct procedure necessary to ensure the greatest level of safety for all concerned.

As I’ve pointed out before, at Belvoir these recommendations will be issued well in advance of the legal requirement.

If you are a landlord or in fact a tenant please ensure that the correct measures are being taken to protect you by your Agent.  Ask the questions.

If you are not sure that you are protected please seek out an Agent that you can rely on.

If you are an existing Agent struggling to manage all of the new legislation which has changed the face of compliance in the industry today, or looking to join the Industry, please contact me and I will do all I can to help you become fully protected and compliant, safely under the Belvoir wing.

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