Risk and Reward

Risk and Reward

Investing in the stock market has become very popular especially since the privatisation of the large utility companies in the 1980’s and 1990’s. Over the last decade many people have also found themselves owning shares in companies or organisations by chance rather than by design.

Interestingly the London Stock exchange was originally formed in 1773 by traders who were considered ‘undesirables’ in the Royal Exchange.

So where would you put your savings or investment?

Well, for a long term investment Blue Chip companies are considered to be the ‘safe’ area of the stock market producing a regular dividend and some capital growth.

The term ‘Blue Chip’ is derived from the most valuable chip used in early American casinos when gambling.

As you look further down the list you will see the AIM stock market, this is for companies that are newer but very fast growing.  The reward can also be greater should the company grow and its stock become more desirable. 

The main USP for Aim is that it is less stringently regulated giving more flexibility to smaller business, to raise capital and grow. Some quite large companies have grown much larger than some Main LSE listed companies and could easily move to this platform, but choose not because of the ethos of AIM.

Property is considered by many to give both a short term yield and a longer term capital growth, making it a very attractive proposition.

The key to all investments is understanding the risk and associated reward before you invest your money and then conducting appropriate due diligence and ensuring that you have the correct information or advice to maximize your chance of success.

Placing £100,000 on number 13 on a roulette table caries a risk of 36:1 and if you win will return you £3,600,000, including your stake, however, there is no point complaining if you lose.  You had a choice and you knew the odds!

If you were to get involved in the property market by taking out a Belvoir! Franchise, you would be building a relationship with the first lettings franchise registered on the stock market.

So you get the support of a business with 20 years’ experience and market profile, leveraging our brand to achieve your business success as Martin Bunney explains in this short video:


Bristol has recently been named as a major property hotspot, and this is one area that we are looking to recruit a franchise partner for.  Our intense due diligence on potential franchise areas reduces your risk dramatically.

Starting a business in an up and coming area with increasing tenant demand is also a lot less risky than rolling the dice!

Belvoir! is an award-winning estate and lettings agency with 160 successful offices around the U.K.  

If you would like to talk about being our next success story, please call us on 01476 570000 or email us on franchising@belvoirlettings.com

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