Property Misdescription or Helpful Agent?

Property Misdescription or Helpful Agent?

Property misdescription has been a hot topic in Estate Agency for some years now, the basic idea is that you cannot make a statement that is untrue about a property. For instance if it has three bedrooms, saying it has four is seen as misleading.  You might say ‘of course it is’!

What do you do then when a property to let is advertised as a four bed and you arrive to find it has three bedrooms and two reception rooms? This seems to be becoming more and more prevalent recently and is labelled as being creative, or helping the tenant to see the possible options. The premise offered by the letting agent is that one of the reception rooms ‘could’ be converted to a bedroom, although the property clearly was not built with four bedrooms in mind.

At Belvoir we believe in complete transparency at all times, regardless as to whether it is a property description or a charging schedule.  Any ambiguity in the eyes of the customer may lead to confusion or confrontation, which in turn will detract from the customer experience and help to drive down the overall impression of the industry in the eyes of the public. 

Personally I do not understand the motivation of an Agent to ever set out to deliberately mislead a customer.  Landlords and tenants are, in my experience, too savvy and have way too much choice to treat them this way. So the question remains; is this misleading or does it just require a little lateral thought?  Is the Agent giving tenants a helpful guide and helping them to find a property for less, that still accommodates them, or are the tenants being misled and wasting their time viewing properties that are unsuitable for their needs?

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