Power Cuts

Andy Smith, Head of Franchise Recruitment at Belvoir discusses life without power, the fear of stepping out of your business comfort zone and how at the end of it...everything will be fine.

I am old enough to remember as a child the power cuts of the 1970’s.  Those wonderful nights of candles and three bar gas fires providing the light.  We didn’t really miss anything because Top of the Pops had finished and there was very little else on.

Today I sit in a dark office typing on my laptop, in the middle of a power cut.  How different things feel! I can’t access the internet and that alone is like losing a business limb, I can’t access the company servers to reach all of my files and Outlook is not functioning cutting me off from all the people I need to speak to.

Even the phone system is down because it lacks the analogue dialling mechanism of that earlier age.

I am amazed at the difference of a life without power. I simply don’t know what to do to carry on. On the plus side it probably won’t last very long and my problems will disappear.

This is not the case for someone leaving corporate life or a career that they know well.  If you decide to set up your own business all of your comfortable supports are removed.  The information that you used to utilise from all of those easy to reach systems and people just disappears.

You feel what we all fear the most; alone and facing the unknown!

This is where the concept of Franchising comes from. Enabling people to enter into business for themselves without having to start from scratch and learn from their mistakes. Mostly very costly mistakes!

The Franchisor is there to support you and give you a substantial head start. At Belvoir we even help by investing in buying a competitor with you, giving you a real leap forward, as explained in this video.

I accept that, and even go to great lengths to explain that starting in business is scary and hard work; but, the rewards are often excellent particularly when you have a great company, like Belvoir, dedicated to helping you not just succeed…but to excel!

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