Meet the franchise owners: Leamington Spa

Meet the franchise owners: Leamington Spa

You may have previously met John and Sue Warburton, franchise owners of Belvoir Leamington Spa in our special "A Day in the life of Belvoir Leamington Spa" video diary. In this blog post we wanted to give you a more in depth introduction and tell you a little bit more about their backgrounds and the progression of their business.

Using their skills

After holding a directors role at Belvoir Leamington Spa having spent 16 years in the lettings industry, John Warburton set out to buy the office with his wife Sue when it came up for sale. Neither were jumping in to the unknown, with John’s knowledge of the lettings business and Sue’s 17 years of experience in a customer-facing role working as an air stewardess, together they have all the attributes needed to run a successful office.

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Why a resale?

John and Sue said they bought the Belvoir resale because not only is Belvoir as a brand synonymous with quality and respectability, something that would take years to build up as an independent, but also the resale process removes an element of financial stress. Whilst the office was ‘ready-made’ John and Sue were able to identify some areas to advance the business and streamline processes.

The challenges

Like any business project, there is always going to be challenges and John and Sue had to quickly learn that money needed to be spent within the business to bring it up to date. Finding the right team is of paramount importance, John and Sue have been extremely lucky in finding a loyal and dedicated team to work in the Leamington Spa office and improve efficiency, an inefficient office will quickly fall behind and will be hard to pull back again.

Belvoir’s Central Office provides support to all franchise owners, since buying the business, John has been on more training with Central Office which will in turn help the Leamington Spa office grow. The support and knowledge Belvoir Central Office can offer franchisees will help to offset challenges with manageable solutions.

Their advice

When asked what advice they would give a future Belvoir franchise owner, John & Sue highlighted an extremely important point ‘Seek professional assistance in ALL areas’ – whether it is from Belvoir Central Office or from a 3rd party, it’s essential that you are aware of laws and regulations and the implications if you get it wrong. You really can’t put a price on some good, professional advice.

Their future

When looking at the future, John and Sue say they would like to grow their business and whilst their core remains lettings, they plan to introduce sales. The long-term plan is for them to be able to retire in 10 years’ time with a fantastic business to sell. 

Watch our video diary - "A Day In the Life of Belvoir Leamington Spa". 

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