London to New York in 1 hour!

London to New York in 1 hour!

I’ve seen, what I consider to be, a very exciting technological development in the world of supersonic travel. 

Airbus are working on a new Jet that will travel between the UK and New York in just 60 minutes! It will travel at Mach 4.5 and reach an altitude of 35000 metres, which when translated into my usual low tech language, is very fast and very high.

The opportunity that this represents to the business world could be huge, given that downtime is the curse of many businesses out there.  We are always managing travel arrangements to get the most out of the downtime spent in the car or on the train for instance.

What has really caught my attention is the immediate nature of our society today.  This service will probably appeal because it saves 6-7 hours and makes New York almost as accessible as Newcastle to your average London based business.

In almost everything that we do there is a demand that the results are produced now!  We are very much geared to expect “instant gratuity”.  If you are a landlord, you will be familiar with the expectation of timelines when dealing with tenant complaints and demands, not to mention your own desire of wanting a new tenant found for your void property yesterday!

You will also be aware of your own frustration when your friendly service provider cannot fix that faulty boiler immediately.

One of the most popular parts of the Belvoir Franchise Owner training course is the personality section.  This breaks down the basic personality types you will encounter and the different ways of managing a situation to best avoid confrontation. 

In our industry - which is very much a “people” business - confrontation is a very real possibility simply due to the nature of the challenges that arise and the fact that you are dealing with the emotive issue of peoples’ homes.  Add to this a compressed timescale or a perceived need for urgency and you have a potentially volatile situation.

I wonder just how much quicker some of our services can get and if this is one of the reasons why we seem to demand everything now!

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