I am going to give away all my money!

I am going to give away all my money!

If you are reading this there is a fair chance that you are interested in property.  There is also, I believe, a good chance that you are thinking of investing or are already investing either by physically owning property or looking to move into the property market somehow.

You would probably be doing those things to make money or to be precise to make more money than you have already.  I am working on a simple principle that I have heard many people wanting to be wealthy, but no-one has ever said to me “hey I really want to be poor.”

I have to admit to being impressed by the recent acts of some very wealthy individuals around the globe.  The most recent to come to my attention is Saudi Arabian billionaire Prince Alwaleed bin Talal.

The Prince has stated that he will leave his entire £20bn personal fortune to charity.


I’m not sure I’m made of the same stuff as the Prince.  Bill Gates has applauded his announcement and does himself give huge sums of money away.  Could You?

Am I looking at this from the wrong perspective?  When you haven’t yet bought your first private jet do you see the world in more financially constricting terms?

Is it just impossible for me to imagine literally having more money than I could ever spend and then putting myself in that mindset?

My mind set is still firmly focussed on making the money, looking at investments and opportunities that will add to my wealth, it colours my perception on giving away anything never mind all of it.

Am I just a little shallow?

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