Guest blog: 5 reasons why franchises are great for women

Bearing in mind we currently have 48 exisiting women franchisees, we thought it was high time we spotlight women.  We are delighted to present a guest blog on this topic.

Today's guest post comes from Hannah Martin, Co-Founder of Talented Ladies Club:

5 reasons franchises are great for women!

It’s a fact that women love franchises. In fact, according to a 2015 survey by NatWest Bank and the British Franchise Association, we currently represent as many as 30% of the UK’s franchisees.

But why are we so attracted to them? And what makes us so good at it? Here are five reasons why becoming a franchisee is great for women.

1) You’re buying a tested business model

Starting a business from scratch is risky. There’s so much to consider – not least whether your idea even has legs in the first place. But when you buy a franchise, you’re getting a business model that is proven to work.

This is especially good news for women, as research shows that we’re much more fearful of business failure than men, and as a result less likely to act on opportunity. But with a ready-made business model and acsess to support when we need it, we can feel more confident about making the leap to entrepreneurship.

2)  You'll have a ready made support network

Investing in a franchise means that you don't ever have to work in isolation.

There is always the possibility to "phone a friend"!  Belvoir have a huge raft of support services and departments for their franchisees including marketing, IT, business development, finding suitable premises, compliance, etc.  This means that you can focus on building your business with advice at the end of the phone.

For ladies on their own, this makes starting a franchise a lot less daunting as you are not alone!

3) You inherit an established brand

It takes time, expertise, money and a LOT of effort to build a brand. But when you by a franchise, someone else has done the hard work for you. And even better than that, they give you all tools you need to carry on their good work. So no need to agonise over logos or the best business name; it’s all done for you!

And that’s not the only reason you’re at an instant advantage as a franchisee. We much prefer to buy from and use brands we already know and trust, so an established brand makes it easier to set your business up and convert customers from day one.

4) You’re naturally great in a crisis

Whatever type of business you run, you’ll inevitably come across the odd crisis or two – occasions when you’ll need to stay cool-headed and make decisions fast. And as a woman, you’re at a natural advantage.

According to research, we’re much better than men in times of crisis. In fact, the closer we get to a stressful event, the better our decision making becomes, and we’re more adept at making advantageous decisions and looking for smaller, surer successes; skills that will serve you well when steering your franchise to success.

5) You’ll be happier and more confident

And finally, buying a franchise puts women on a fast track to contentment and the life they want.

A recent survey by Royal Bank of Scotland found that women who start their own businesses enjoy more job satisfaction, a better work-life balance and are more confident. (Once we’ve decided to start our own business, we’re also quicker off the mark than men, with 66% of women setting up their business within a year, compared to 60% of men.)

And there can be no easier and quicker way to get a fulfilling, successful business off the ground than buying a franchise. A ready-made business model and brand means that you get all the satisfaction and rewards of running your own business, without the risk and waiting around that often comes with a brand new idea.

Start your exciting journey as a female franchisee

There are plenty of fantastic reasons why you should consider buying a franchise, whether you’re a man or a woman! But if you’re a nervous wannabe female franchisee, hopefully these five reasons will help to convince you to bite the bullet and start an exciting new phase of your life.

About the author:

Hannah Martin is Co-founder of Talented Ladies Club, a magazine-style site with advice and inspiration for working, freelance and business mums. 

You can also follow Talented Ladies on twitter @talentedladies


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