Estate agency regulator launches new enforcement toolkit for Trading Standards

Estate agency regulator launches new enforcement toolkit for Trading Standards

As the Estate Agency regulator releases a new enforcement toolkit for trading standards, which makes checking for compliance locally much simpler for the authorities, the House of Lords rejects legislation regarding smoke detectors just three weeks before it passes into law.

The new enforcement toolkit is designed to make policing the sector easier and less time consuming.  If you ask your local Agent they may suggest that it is a fund raising initiative designed to take the weight off the treasury, there are always two sides to every story.

The fact remains though that the world of property sales and management continues to become more heavily governed on, at the moment, an almost daily basis.

Yet when a really valuable piece of legislation comes along, like the regulation referring to smoke detectors, the authorities are not thorough enough.

The House of Lords have rejected the legislation because they say it is poorly written and confusing.  For instance who checks that the smoke alarms are not only fitted but working?

What training and certification do you need to check that an electronic detector is working properly?

I am not being facetious.  I can press a button and wait for it to go beep, but does that mean it will detect smoke and alarm before I am burned to a crisp in my sleep?

Where will the liability lie if that occurs and will the insurance industry cover the cost.

Considerations that again come down to money, specifically money generated by a potential lack of compliance.

As a letting or sales Agent in this case the lack of legislation is more worrying.  When legislation is absent we have uncertainty and when we have uncertainty, how can we be sure that the business we have built and the customers we serve are safe?

This is an interesting if not scary problem for the industry and the government to sort out.

I have, somewhat unsurprisingly, a different solution; just ring Mark.

If you are a Belvoir Franchise Owner it really is that simple, when in doubt about legislation, it’s interpretation and consequences, just ring Mark.

Mark is in charge of Legal Support at Belvoir and spends a large proportion of every day trawling through legislative proposals and sifting through the uncertainty so that our Franchise Owners do not have to worry, or even worse, guess.

I am speaking to more and more independent Agents who are looking to convert their business into a Belvoir, usually for one of two reasons. 

Firstly that they are unable to function under the weight of legislation without sacrificing their sales effort and therefore income.

Secondly that they are simply too tired of the burden of responsibility that occurs when you are working in a business and are utterly alone.  I’m not being dramatic if you are in business by yourself a support structure is not something you usually enjoy.

That is one of the many benefits of owning a Belvoir Franchise, you are in business “for yourself” but not “by yourself”.

If you would like to explore your own business in a safe and compliant industry with the full support of one of Britain’s largest property companies behind you, check out the videos and start your journey today.

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