Bill Smith of Belvoir Harrogate celebrates 20 years in the business

Bill Smith of Belvoir Harrogate celebrates 20 years in the business

Congratulations to Bill Smith of Belvoir Harrogate who recently celebrated 20 years in the lettings business. 

Bill started his career with Copleys, which was bought out by Belvoir in 1999. Today he employs a team of six staff, which includes his son Barrie who works as the lettings manager.

“It was quite tough in the beginning,” recalls Bill. “I employed someone to work for me for ten hours a week and I went out and did a leaflet drop in the area, but it was very difficult to get properties and it was nine months before I got the first one. Luckily I started to get known in the area and the properties started to come in. It felt so good to get that first landlord!

“Then we had a breakthrough when a guy we hired to do gas fitting certificates recommended us to a new landlord who had about 20 properties and he moved them to us. I try to give a good service to customers and I’m very proud that some of our first landlords are still with us today.

“My son Barrie joined us eleven years ago and he is my right hand man and does a great job. We are always in the top twenty in the rankings and we have about 400 properties under management.

“Harrogate is a lovely spa town and the property market here is very good. It’s a cosmopolitan area and there is a lot of job movement here, which is good for the rental market.

“I have now been in business for longer than Belvoir, but it’s been a great career and I have no regrets.

“My plans for the future include handing the reins over to Barrie and making more time to play golf!”

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