Belvoir property franchise - the integrity of our brand

Belvoir property franchise - the integrity of our brand

My wife and I went to look at a Range Rover Evoque at the weekend.  She has been hanging her nose over one for quite some time and working hard on her property portfolio to build the monthly yield necessary to afford one. 

She had to postpone things a little because interest rates are set to increase and she didn’t want to get caught out when they do.

She saw the one she wanted, a used white one with a black roof, and off we went.

When we arrived at the dealership in Nottingham we were looked after very well, customer service is after all key to all sales interactions and a very helpful young lady allowed my wife to fall in love with the car.

We were then introduced to the money man and for me this is where the magic happened.

It was not the fact that he managed to balance everything perfectly, just as my wife wished, it was that he steadfastly refused to discount the car.  Yes you read that correctly, I said that I am happy that we were made to pay the ticket price.

The reason is that having bought the car on a personal contract plan, which utilises a future value to reduce monthly payments, the strength of the future brand is extremely important.  If the car devalues past a certain point it won’t generate another deposit. 

By not discounting they are actually making my wife money.

Brand value is something that is extremely important in all industries, using cars as an example if you think about a low quality and a high quality brand different manufacturers will pop into your mind.  You wouldn’t expect a cheap Rolls Royce, but you would expect a superbly manufactured machine.

The property market is exactly the same and we strive constantly to maintain the strong image of the Belvoir brand.  We do not allow anything that will risk diluting or compromising it.

Some people think that our stance is a little hard, for instance refusing to give any leeway on the franchise agreement, however, if we do the document and all it stands for will be diminished and instead of purchasing a franchise with a name you can depend on, you will be buying a compromise.

In all things, in my opinion, you really do get what you pay for, or as my Father would say “buy cheap, buy twice”.

Always be mindful of the purchases you make and if you do decide to venture into the exciting world of business ownership through a franchise, you can be well assured that by buying Belvoir you have made a very sure start.

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