Belvoir Christchurch marks a decade by opening a smart new office

Belvoir Christchurch marks a decade by opening a smart new office

Jeremy Clarke from Belvoir Christchurch is celebrating ten years with Belvoir by moving to smart new premises.

“After a decade in business we decided it was a perfect time to move,” says Jeremy.

“We are only moving a few hundred yards, but the office is undergoing rebranding and will look absolutely fantastic.”

Jeremy says that the lettings market in Christchurch is thriving. “The majority of our landlords have inherited properties and are keen to rent them out,” he says. “We only rent out good quality properties and our customer service is excellent, with most new clients coming from word of mouth referrals. Because so many of our properties belong to landlords who have inherited them, or they may be looking after them for a relative who has retired to live abroad or has gone into a nursing home there is often a real emotional connection with the place and people are very keen to find good tenants and an agent that will take care of absolutely everything.

“When we first started I was determined not to take on a property that I would not live in myself and that is exactly what I have done.”

Indeed, Jeremy, who used to be an estate agent, is such a keen proponent of renting that he lives in rented accommodation himself. 

High quality

“Because I am a tenant I always said I would never rent a house out to anyone that I wouldn’t personally want to have as a neighbour,” he says. “This means that Belvoir Christchurch is very high quality agency. I have a fantastic team of staff and I’m very proud of all of them.”

The result of Jeremy’s careful selection process, which matches the ideal tenant to their ideal home, means that tenants are happier and remaining in properties for longer than ever. The average tenancy is now a record 39 months.

Grand reopening 

Belvoir Christchurch is on course to complete the move in early May and will celebrate with a grand re-opening.

Community spirit Warm-hearted Jeremy is a keen supporter of local and national charities. In 2012 he cycled 71 miles and was photographed outside every one of his managed properties. After a painful eight hours and 20 minutes in the saddle he raised a whopping £1658 for Macmillan Cancer Support.

“We are always doing something for charity,” says Jeremy. “Being part of the local community is very important to us.

"This year we are supporting the local food bank and we have just donated £550. We achieved this by donating money rather than sending Christmas cards and we invited our landlords to donate £2 from their February rental income. The response was amazing and we were all really pleased.”

You can visit Jeremy's website here.


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