Are Cheap Estate Agency Fees the way forward?

Are Cheap Estate Agency Fees the way forward?

The internet price war is in the news again.  Another online agent has launched a new method of paying to sell your house.

I am always intrigued when people shout a headline without putting depth behind it.  What I mean is, if you say “our prices are low”, it’s an attention grabbing headline.  You may add that “we are lowering our prices because we feel that others are charging too much”.  This strikes a chord with house sellers, who may agree with the sentiment depending on their experience with the last agent they used.

What is not provided is a more in depth look at why charges are made and which aspects of the service may justify them.

When you speak to an agent and declare that you would like to sell a property what do they ask you?  Are they for instance concerned with your overall situation, which will allow them to accurately advise you on a course of action that is in your best interest; or are they simply interested in the act of getting your house on the market to sell it quickly and get paid a commission?

Do you feel that your best interests are being served?

How do they present your property?  Is it presented in such a way that it increases the desire of potential buyers?  Are the right words used to emphasise why it is worth viewing?  Does the Agent understand your needs and are they prepared to work with you to achieve them?

Does the Agent proactively call their potential buyers and excitedly tell them about the wonderful opportunity that is now available to them, or do they just let your home sit there waiting to be discovered?

I’ve only mentioned a few things here, this business may look simple and I know that the general belief is that houses just sell themselves, but, believe me it isn’t and they don’t.

There is a difference in the price that can be achieved for a house sold properly and the price of a house that is plonked on the market and people are allowed to buy.

At Belvoir we understand that in all aspects of the sales process the seller must be supported.  Communication is often key to the relationship, we speak to the seller often and when they do call in for a face to face chat, we make them feel welcome and deal with any concerns thoroughly.  Absolute transparency and a good value for money service are key to our philosophy.

Please feel free to use Belvoir as a representation of good value for money, by which you can measure other Agents’ services.

The good news is that you do have options.  You are free to make a choice of any Agent you wish.  Look carefully at what they offer and pay attention to the whole package and not just the headline rate.

A cheap price may look attractive, but by paying a seemingly low fee, you may be costing yourself in the long term if your house either takes too long to sell, or achieves a low price.

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