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Join us this year as a new owner of an award winning property franchise

The 4 week intensive training course spoke volumes about the company and their approach to business…

Don't just start your own business. Start fulfilling your true potential.

Belvoir are an award winning property franchise with over 20 years of experience and over 170 branches nationwide. 

We offer prospective franchisees the opportunity to own and run your own lettings franchise and sales business with the brand, support structure, training and business tools that we can provide.

Belvoir are commited to providing a quality, professional service that is delivered with integrity. This is true for our franchisees servicing landlords, tenants, vendors and buyers and for the support team at Central Office supporting our franchisees.

4 ways to become a Belvoir Franchisee


Begin your journey as a new Belvoir Franchisee, and work with our experts to find the potential for profit in your area.

Our ‘Activate’ package gives franchisees the full, traditional experience of starting a new business with Belvoir. Tried and tested over 20+ years, this package will guide you towards owning and managing your very own Belvoir franchise, complete with everything you’ll need in your franchisee toolkit, including a high street shop. From learning about the Belvoir brand and creating a thorough business plan, to intensive training and launching your business, our experienced support teams are on-hand to help throughout the whole process. With an initial investment fee from you to set you up on your franchise journey we are confident that your business will have great foundations for being a success.


Acquire an established business and work with our experts to discover how your investment can bring profit from day one.

Step directly into the life of a successful franchisee with our ‘Accelerate’ package. When business owners decide to move on and sell their franchise, whether Belvoir branded or not, we see this as a great opportunity for prospects who are ready to take on a pre-existing, profitable venture.

Our teams ensure that the process is efficient and straightforward, from sourcing the right business for you, to upgrading it and training you to manage it successfully. You will be guided and advised on all aspects of the acquisition, from legislation and funding, to property and fitting out your premises. Purchasing a business outright doesn’t need to be complicated or intimidating, and we have trustworthy advisors who will give you an honest opinion about the viability of your new venture.


Build your portfolio over time and deliver a profitable business, supported by invaluable resources an experienced team.

For franchisees with the passion and determination to build a great portfolio, but lacking the initial capital to set up outright, our ‘Accumulate’ package allows you to spread your franchise investment over three years.

With no high start-up fees and our central teams taking care of your admin and back-end processes, this package allows you the time to grow your business, ultimately working towards opening a high street shop. Working from home gives you the benefit of no immediate overheads, and the flexibility to decide your own working times. Many online agency franchises present growth barriers such as the inability to hire staff and lack of a high street premises, resulting in a cap on earnings once your workload capacity is reached.


Start your joint venture with an established Belvoir business owner who is interested in expanding their franchise territories.

You will have the opportunity to form a joint venture with an established Belvoir business owner who is interested in expanding their franchise territories. Rather than do this alone, that franchisee seeks an entrepreneur with ambition and drive to establish a new territory, supported by his already experienced team. The advantages are clear. You can focus on growing a business and have a fully experienced support team already in place. The existing franchise owner can work with you to grow yet another successful business, which you will be part of.

In the same way as the Accumulate package; the Alliance package allows you to start your business with low start up fees and the flexibility of working from home with minimal overheads whilst working towards opening your high street premises in the territory within a three year period.

Belvoir – the numbers speak for themselves

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Almost all of our Belvoir branches are franchise owned and are managed by people who have the passion and drive to grow and nurture successful property businesses in their local area. With an ever strengthening property market and a rental market that is expected to overtake home ownership by 2020 there is a massive opportunity for a business like ours.

This year we are aiming to welcome ten new franchise owners into the Belvoir network and we are looking for the right people to take on those businesses. The success of the brand depends on the excellent customer care and professional service that our franchise owners provide to their clients so it’s vital that we bring people on board that relate to those values.

your Brilliant Self

Our franchisees come from all backgrounds and knowledge in the property sector is not a requirement as we provide full training. What we do require is people with the right attitude and determination to make their Belvoir business a success.

Adam Rastall & Paul Rice

Being a part of Belvoir gives the confidence we are compliant to the ever changing regularity and legal requirements our landlords face.

Charlotte Baron

We’ve also gained a good amount of business from having the Belvoir Brand as people recognise it as an established and trustworthy company across the country.

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